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What Can Yoga Do For You?

What Can Yoga Do For You?

First and foremost, you should know what yoga is about. The word yoga comes from ancient India and it means union. Yoga is a union of the mind and the spirit and the body. Yoga is about creating a balance in the body while developing strength and also flexibility.

I have been to a few yoga classes and I feel at ease and at peace after the end of my yoga classes. There is a natural realignment in my body which can lead to a natural balance of mind and spirit. Discipline and hard work is needed in yoga to improve the quality of your life. With yoga, I had experienced inner peace, a sound mind, body and spirit.

There are different forms of yoga. For example is Hatha Yoga. It begins by working on the body and aligning the vertebrae, increasing your flexibility and strengthening your muscles too. With Hatha Yoga, the internal organs are also being toned and rejuvenated. It can give you a clear mind, a stable inner self and a great sense of well-being.

How Can Yoga Be Of Help?

Yoga can be of help you in so many ways. If you are suffering from arthritis, where pain mostly is felt on the back, knees and wrist, then the answer to your problem is Yoga! It is believed that arthritis is a sickness for old people. But do you know that even young adults, teenagers and even children can have it? Arthritis in children is called Juvenile Arthritis. Yoga Poses help strengthen your joints to prevent arthritis or deal with Arthritis. Yoga helps in making your joints function normally and also regulates the levels of uric acid in your body. Some Yoga Poses include: Easy Pose, Single Leg Raises, Shoulder Stretches, Neck Exercises, Standing Side Stretch Pose, Hand Clenching, Wrist Bending, Ankle Bending, Ankle Rotation, and Relaxation Pose. If you have Arthritis, give Yoga a try.

Aside from that Yoga can also help people with heart problems and hypertension. Yoga can help control your blood pressure. Yoga gives you a sense of calmness and relaxation. Also, Yoga teaches you to be aware of your body. Some technique in Yoga like belly breathing may be helpful in controlling high blood pressure. Studies say that meditation can be of great help for people who are suffering from high blood pressure. However, if you have hypertension, there are some Yoga poses that should be avoided like the shoulder stand or headstand or the downward dog. You may want to consult a Yoga instructor for more information on this.

People who are suffering from anxiety can also benefit from Yoga. Yoga Poses and meditation can help fight stress and anxiety. It gives you feelings of confidence and can create a stronger sense of self. Some practices like the alternate nostril breathing or nadi shodhana, a breathing technique can lessen anxiety attacks. Yoga also teaches awareness of mind and body. Aside from that, Yoga can also prevent help other conditions asthma. Yoga practices and prevents asthma attacks. Respiration problems are reduced because they learn to control their breathing with the practice of yoga.

If you are someone who suffers from Diabetes, then Yoga can help you lower your blood sugar. A study found out diabetics who are practicing yoga and meditation have lower blood sugar and oral medication is taken less.  The practice of Yoga can also result to anti-aging or delay in aging.  According to a yoga philosophy, it is not the number of years that determines a person’s age but the flexibility of the spine. Yoga gives elasticity to the spine, firms the skin, remove tension and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Yoga also corrects the posture and also prevents dowager hump.

Yoga also improves your endurance and stamina if you are a sportsperson. Most athletes practice Yoga because it only takes 20 minutes a day to warm their selves up before practicing for their sport. Power Yoga is recommended for athletes because it leaves them physically balanced. Yoga can also improve their health and blood circulation too.

The practice of Yoga can also help you slim down in a couple of ways. The exercise the Yoga can provide will burn calories, improve your muscles and posture. Yoga is about healthy living, thus, you also need to have a healthy diet. Limit your intake of junk food and other foods high in sugar and fat. It is much better to have fresh fruits and vegetables and grains while doing Yoga. Yoga is also good for women who are pregnant. It is a great way to strengthen your pelvic area and normalize your blood pressure. Yoga keeps you calm and relaxed, which can be good for your baby.  

Breathing through just one nostril is one common technique which is used in yoga. EEG studies of the brain's electrical impulses shows that breathing through one nostril can result in increase of activity on the other side of the brain. This practice may improve the communication between the left and the right parts of the brain.

As a whole, yoga can increase your flexibility because of the yoga positions that act on the joints of the body. Also, with Yoga, muscles are stretched and it ensures good blood circulation. Yoga helps in flushing out toxins of the body. It nourishes the body and can boost energy, promote excellent health, delay aging so you can enjoy life to the fullest without you worrying about sickness and diseases.

With Yoga, you can live longer, increase your resistance to diseases, rejuvenate the glands, look and feel younger and improve your vision and hearing at the same time. When you achieve a sound mind and body, you begin to achieve yogic spirit. By this time, you begin to know more about yourself and experience inner peace. Yoga harmonizes the body and mind and the spirit as well. These good results can lead to freedom, happiness and fitness. These benefits can improve your life and your relationships with people around you.